Do Kyungsoo be juggling between a movie, a drama and a comeback.


Soo da man.




When Baek jokes that Soo looks old in the photograph- Tom & Jerry bros

walk into the club like


Roll up in the club and be like…

lay playing the guitar next to the campfire


SNSD + Selcas

Because Baekhyun is overdosed of “Kkaebsong”

Adorable Yixing ft  squishysoo (trans )

That epic moment when Lu Han manhandles Minseok on all fours and it’s not a fanfiction. 


[ x

Q: where would you run to if you had a girlfriend?
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sehun and tao went to the toilet together.. I swear they’re like two white school girls..


can i ship them


Oh sehun through the eras;
Pre Debut → Miracle In December 

Happy birthday to my most precious and most loved♡ I don’t want to make this long nor short but either ways it would never be enough to tell how I’m feeling this day and it wouldn’t be enough to explain what you mean to me or how much my love is for you or how much I adore you and want you or how much you make me happy and how much butterflies and breath takes and feels and heart races I get because of you ♡ !

What I did basically shows how much you grew up, from being a lovely adorable teenager to almost a matured man and I can’t help but crying because you’re someone really precious to my heart and seeing you grow up in such healthy and good way would make me feel proud and happy ! 

I hope you live happily for each coming day of your life, i hope you live with no obstacles or with no hard times or with no difficulties in your life, and I hope you stay healthy and well and amazing and fabulous and gorgeous just like you are for all the rest days of your life. I love you so much my angel ! ! Happy birthday ♥ ♥ 

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